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Here at the Coffee Compass, we are able to provide the serious coffee lover with the unique and exciting opportunity to purchase some of the most renowned and varied selections of gourmet coffee varieties currently available in the UK. Our world sourced coffee selections are roasted to perfection by hand and packed freshly to order prior to speedy courier dispatch, in order that the coffee is received in the very best condition.

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The Coffee Compass

As one the UK’s leading coffee suppliers and roasters we are able to offer an unrivalled selection of origin roasted coffee beans and fresh unroasted green coffee beans, arabica coffee and african coffee which will flood the senses and satisfy the taste buds of the most demanding coffee drinking aficionados from all walks of life. Whether you are looking to purchase an Espresso ground Java Lingtong coffee or a Jamaican Blue mountain from the revered Wallingford Estate or a unground whole bean from the Gethumbwini estate in Kenya or a special filter grind blend designed by our master coffee roasters, you can rest assured that you will experience complete satisfaction when you buy coffee online from us.

Coffee Compass – Buy Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Online

Unlike many of the inferior and industrially produced coffee brands that you will find in the supermarket, the fine coffee blends and pure origin roasts that are featured on our website are sourced from farms that we have personally selected for the best in their region and using agronomy practices of an exceptional standard. We select from farms and mills that have a passion for producing exceptional coffee beans, farms that care about their practices and the impact on the environment and the care of their employees. At The Coffee Compass we have always found that good farm practices are synonymous with great coffee and that employees that are well paid and are valued by their employers work to a higher standard and help the farm to achieve excellence in the growing and production of gourmet coffee. The Coffee Compass is exceptionally demanding in ensuring that we only select the very best of the coffee crops from beans that have been harvested at optimum ripeness and have been prepared for export to the highest standard. We then roast on site to order to ensure maximum flavour and freshness or pack unroasted if requested before being despatched by courier for delivery, often the next day. In addition to our caffeinated roasted coffee beans, we have carefully selected and are able to provide the finest decaf beans available which are decaffeinated using natural techniques to ensure none of the rich flavour, unique texture or aromatic fruitiness is lost.

Of course, it is true to say that no two coffee drinkers have exactly the same tastes but whatever your preference be it strong and rich, light and fruity or smooth and creamy coffees, we pride ourselves on being able to cater for the individual needs and preferences of everyone who uses our website. When you buy fine coffee from a gourmet coffee supplier such as the Coffee Compass, you can choose to shop by strength and origin. Once you have found the coffee you would like to try, you then have the option of buying either in bean format or in a variety of different grinds such as Espresso, Decaf, Fair Trade, Indian, Mocha, Ground, Cafetiere, Filter or if you want a versatile grind, Omnigrind. For reasons of optimum taste and freshness we would recommend customers to purchase from us in whole bean unground form and use their own coffee grinder to grind the beans at the last minute before making the cup. Should you not have a suitable coffee grinder you will find a good range available to buy from our website.

Over the years we have developed an unrivalled level of expertise where gourmet coffee is concerned and if you have any questions or you would like us to recommend a product based on your partialities then we are always available to offer our help and advice. We also offer trial ranges of coffee selections and todays random roast packs giving you a chance to use our expertise as coffee roasters and selectors to try coffee that you may never have tasted. As experienced coffee roasters this could be a way gain a good insight into the types of coffee available by trying them out for yourself. We also run a “Coffee Club” whereby subscribers are sent a new package each month containing our pick of our exceptional coffee selection.

If you prefer to roast your own coffee then you will be simply delighted by our superb choice of fresh green coffee beans which are sourced directly from the most renowned growing estates in the world, incorporating the best varieties from Africa, Central America, Indonesia and also the Caribbean including the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee range. Our green unroasted beans allow you to try your hand at creating your very own freshly ground blends which are as full flavoured, aromatic and dynamically adventurous as you want them to be.

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All our coffees are available as Unroasted Green beans, simply choose the coffee you want and select the 'unroasted green beans' option when ordering!!

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