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Indian Coffee

Indian CoffeeIf you enjoy the superb taste and wonderful aroma of Indian Coffee then you will be absolutely delighted by the small yet diverse selection that you can purchase directly online whilst using our website. Here at The Coffee Compass, we currently offer three exceptionally different types of Indian coffee which are totally unique and incredibly satisfying. Our Monsoon Malabar coffee is a real treat for coffee lovers who appreciate a full bodied roast with a strong character. The coffee beans themselves are actually subjected to the monsoon winds in the state of Kerala where they are grown and harvested. This gives them a somewhat milder taste as the salty winds that arrive from the ocean have the altering effect of lowering the acidity of the beans. This ensures that Monsoon Malabar has a rare and characteristic flavour that is simply not available from any other coffee.

On the other hand, our equally popular Indian Mysore coffee beans offer a lightly liquored, more refreshing flavour which has been grown in the state of Karnataka since the middle of the seventeenth century. This Arabica coffee has a medium to low body that also offers a delicate sweetness. If you are looking for something a little more aromatic then you will simply be delighted with our premium quality Balmaadi coffee which is also incredibly popular with our loyal customer base.

When you purchase Indian coffee from The Coffee Compass website there are a number of different options available depending on your personal needs and preferences. You can choose to order a variety of different grinds, which have been freshly roasted and ground to perfection by our own in house gourmet coffee roasting guru, or you can order unroasted green beans or unground roasted beans that you can either roast or grind yourself depending on how experienced and adventurous you are!

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Green beans

All our coffees are available as Unroasted Green beans, simply choose the coffee you want and select the 'unroasted green beans' option when ordering!!

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