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Mocha CoffeesMocha coffees are made using Arabica coffee beans which are harvested from well known coffee growing regions such as Ethiopia, Central America and South America. The beans themselves are typically smaller and rounder than most other varieties and they have a dark and fruity chocolate kind of flavour which has a rich and distinct aroma. Here at The Coffee Compass, we have assembled a wonderful selection of Mocha Coffees, some of which have been roasted in house by our own gourmet coffee chef! These blends are usually quite strong and are not recommended for those who have somewhat less than adventurous taste buds! Packed with flavour and character, our high quality mocha coffees are incredibly popular with our diehard coffee drinking fanatics who have grown to appreciate and love the explosive combination of full bodied flavour and wildly stimulating aroma that this unique tasting coffee has to offer! Espresso lovers in particular will be exceptionally enthralled with our Mediterranean Mocha Espresso which is by far the best selling espresso (and mocha) coffee that is available for purchase on our website! Other favourite mocha coffees that we have on offer include Mocha Java, which is a self-complimentary blend of Java and Mocha coffee grinds, Mocha Italia, which is a lively, full bodied and incredibly strong flavoured character, and our Classic Blend mocha coffee. As with all our coffee varieties, you can order green unroasted beans, whole roasted beans and a selection of grinds including Espresso, Cafeteria and Omnigrind. Our unroasted green beans and whole roasted beans give provide the perfect opportunity for you to try out your own unique blends!

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Green beans

All our coffees are available as Unroasted Green beans, simply choose the coffee you want and select the 'unroasted green beans' option when ordering!!

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