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    Green Bean Zone

    Green Bean Zone

    Welcome to the Green Bean Zone. This is where we offer some selection packs and bulk green bean offers for the home roasting enthusiasts.

    All our coffees are available as Green Unroasted beans that can be selected individually for each coffee.

    However here in the Green Bean Zone are some tempting offers to get those roasters fired up!

    Sold Out £26.50

    Fire up them roasters! Due to having too much coffee bursting out of the roastery we've decided to look at some overstocked but still delicious coffees, and offer them out to our green bean customers. This is a fantastic chance...

    Sold Out

    If you can't decide what Unroasted coffee it is that you'd like to roast yourself at home why not try our Green Bean Single Origin Assortment. In this pack is 5 x 500g of our finest single origin Unroasted Green...


    11kg of Green Unroasted Single Origin beans with at least 2kg from Africa, Central America, South America and Asia plus a few kilos of the Roaster's selection. So fire up your roaster and surprise your palate.   Price shown per...